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Dream Clients for TRs Earrings.

I am learning more and more that my style of earrings, even though everyone states they are beautiful, are really designed for a certain type of person. Since I am now retired, I realize I have really expanded my style and am willing to do more for myself. My dream client (DC) follows that belief and is willing to be whimsical and wear jewelry that others won’t. She wants lightweight earrings because she now believes in comfort and style. She is in her 50’s, still employed and having to dress business casual for work, but also allows herself to have her own style. Dresses with color, shoes worn for comfort and style, and jewelry that makes a statement. A statement that says, “I am willing to pay to help save the environment. I am willing to only purchase jewelry that is created from resourced materials”.

My dream client is a strong, independent person who doesn’t rely on their partners opinions and loves to make a strong fashion statement.  Sometimes she will wear a pair of earrings for several days in a row and sometimes she changes them daily to match her outfit or her mood. She may wear a pair of inlay wood earrings to a business meeting, then change to a pair of earrings with a cross or bible study. Or wear a pair of reclaimed leather earrings out on a date.

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Thanks all for your support of a small business.

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