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Hello, I have a passion for crafting designs tailored to women, infused with a sense of whimsy and made from a combination of wood, leather, birch bark and beads, all with a playful touch in mind. I've always hoped that people would feel free to express their playful side, whether they're at work, at a party, or simply out shopping. Upon watching a YouTube video about crafting wooden earrings, I became captivated. It was my brother who introduced the inlay style that many of you now adore. He crafts distinctive small inlay wood pieces by using various types of wood, such as bloodwood, eastern cedar, zebrawood, walnut, mahogany, leopardwood, red oak, and many more. Without his assistance, I wouldn't be able to fashion the exquisite, unique earring style that you find so alluring. Earrings have the potential to reveal numerous facets of one's personality. I would be delighted if these distinctive earrings helped you capture the attention of others, as they have a way of making you feel light and whimsical. I take great pride in crafting earrings that are so uniquely appealing, they exclusively capture your interest. The more you discover, the more you adore, and the stronger your desire to wear and purchase them for your loved ones becomes. Shop new designs now.
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Customer Reviews

"The earrings on this page are handcrafted by the very talented Terri who has created a diverse supply ranging from lightweight reclaimed wood earrings (I love my wood hearts) to the lovely wire that are so light and elegant to the reclaimed leather that I love to put a drop of my YL essential oils on to enjoy the scent throughout the day. You'll find something for everyone you know within her catalog of handcrafted earrings."
Karen K.
"I love TRs Earrings, they're lightweight, a great choice of designs and colors and affordable."
Robyn R
"Love these earrings, I have the leather ones, wooden ones and wire creations, all unique, lightweight and very affordable."
Joni N.
"These inlay wood earrings are my new favorites! I love the grounding earth element of wood and the reminder of growth."


I was gifted two pairs and love them!
115x x 115xpx


"TRs Earrings are beautifully crafted and I have received many compliments from people on how great they look!! I highly recommend TRs earrings!! Great work! Great look!"


Mary M.

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019

#trs.earrings On Instagram

Whimsical jewelry to make your day brighter @trsearrings. Handcrafted wood, birch bark and leather earrings created just for you.

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