2022 has got to be a better year


My New Year’s resolutions are usually about weight loss, exercise more, blah, blah, blah. Those resolutions have never lasted more than a week or so. This year, I’ve finally decided to try to follow some type of routine. As most of you know, I started a business several months ago after retiring. Not sure why, but I am loving it. I can make my own hours; I can use my creativity in ways I never thought possible, and I can earn a few dollars in the process. What’s not to like? Well, being scatterbrained method doesn’t work, so I finally decided my resolution was to be more productive by using a time blocking method a coach told me about.

So now my goal is to spend an hour on business education, an hour doing inventory because how can you know what to sell if you don’t know what you have in the first place and an hour writing social media. So, I bought this dollar calendar because I hate spending money on nonsensical items and started by writing out what I need to do to try to get my business up and running so I don’t have to work on it every single day and I made notes for the first week.

I had done a 90-day sprint planner where I look at that the big goals I have for the first quarter, then narrowed that down to weekly goals and even further to daily goals, the above-mentioned calendar can help me hour by hour. I found my biggest time consumer is social media. I love sitting on Facebook looking at everyone’s posts when I should be either creating new emails, sales, Instagram posts, twitter, Facebook updates, blogs, and Pinterest updates. Sheesh, why is there so damn many platforms’ people? Can’t we just have one or two? I’m not even sure I listed them all. But the only way folks are going to find my website is if I am on several platforms, so now I have a daily social media list.

If you have any questions about my process of earrings creations, please contact me at trs.earrings@gmail.com and I will see if I can answer any questions.

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