Metal sensitivity? I have a solution.


As many of you may now know, I recently had my ears re-pierced after decades of not wearing any earrings. Just call me chicken shit. For some reason I honestly thought it would hurt, but the artists at Angel Rose Tattoo here in Hibbing, MN did such a great job. Quick, easy, and basically it was painless. So, to say the least I am really excited and impatient for them to completely heal so I can start wearing my own earrings. I have set aside several pair to try.

I have had metal allergies in the past and haven’t worn any jewelry for so many years, I’m leery to try. I also had several women tell me they no longer wear earrings due to metal sensitivity. A little research and I did find there are such things as plastic hooks and plastic posts. Since my earrings are at the lower end of the cost spectrum, buying real silver ear wires was not in the books. Every purchase I have made claim to be hypoallergenic, but of course they would say that.

So, if you are interested in a specific pair of earrings and would like a change out to the plastic hooks, just let me know at I will gladly make the change.

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