Want to see how the birch bark earrings are coming along?

Just wanted to keep you up to date on the new birch bark earrings. Tried something new and I think you will like them. I tried a nbirch bark earrings with engravingsew method of cutting by using my Cricut Maker. Even though it didn’t cut all the way through the bark, it was enough to make it so much easier to cut. Plus, I was able to engrave different designs. I’ll admit these are lousy photos but loving the way the earrings are turning out.

Trying different engravings has been fun, is there any you would like to see?

Minnesota with a little heart on the Iron Range, just because that is where I live.

Paw prints because I have three pups.

Love Minnesota because why not, who doesn’t love Minnesota.

Trying to determine if I like the front of the bark or the back which is a different color. What do you think?





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