Birch Bark Earrings


I’ve been working on my second business, apartment rentals, trying to completely rehab one with all new paint, carpeting, new plumbing, so I have been so busy I’ve not taken the time to show the new item of the week. These birch bark earrings are so unique, everyone will be asking where you got them.

I was asked by a business if I could create some birch bark earrings as they had lost their supplier and my reply was, sure I’ll give it a try.

Yesterday I headed to the woods to find more birch bark and get it prepped for new styles. A little on the cool side, but what do you expect for Northern Minnesota in late October.

I did get a full tote of bark and that should last.

Now to prep. Soaking just a portion of the birch bark to clean and remove any little bits and pieces. Doesn’t even look like I touched the full tote. After soaking to clean and lightly scrubbing away any debris, the bark is a little more pliable. Now to press between carboard to flatten. I always just use what I have and this time books and a tool box help press the wet bark.

Once dried and flattened, comes the fun part.

Designing new earrings. What do you want to see? I’ve made several and have loved them all, but they are already all sold. If you have any ideas on a style you would like to see, let me know at

So now I have several pieces of clean and ready to go birch bark. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of styles.


Of course, I will be deer hunting in a few weeks on the same property, so maybe I’ll sneak in a few minutes searching for more bark.

Hope to hear your ideas on any new styles.

Thanks all for taking the time to read. 

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