Still learning all about my webiste


I don't know how many times I've started this blog only to forget to save when something or someone else needs my attention. 

Even though a professional company set up my new website, I am still learning all about it. How to take photos, crop them, correctly size each photo, post each one, and how to get the best descriptions for each photo. I never would have imaged there are so many steps to each item being posted and I only posted one photo of each item. I really should post photos from different angles, but that is another day. 

I just hope the new website and photos make it easier to get you shopping done for the holidays. I can't believe we are only one month until Christmas and how many holidays are actually celebrated in December. 

I am hoping to post a new collection of earrings, birch bark, after the first weekend of December. You'll be able to check them out then. Hope you like them. 

Have a great holiday week.

Thanks all,


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