Putting earrings on display


I put earrings on display because I love watching people drool over them.

I have been setting up at a local farmer;s market at least once a week this summer and have noticed that even if the person doesn't buy the very first time they see my products and fallen in love with a specific pair, it may take them several times before they actually purchase.

Folks have picked them up and realized how light weight wood earrings can be, they've held them to their ears checking out the size in the mirror, and checked them out yet again and i am so okay with that. If a person doesn't, I realize they just aren't interested and I am so okay with that, also. Some people just aren't the right fit for my products.

My one concern is, a majority of my earrings and bracelets are one-of-a-kind and I'm afraid someone might miss out on a purchase because they decided to come back at a later date and the earrings or bracelets have sold.

So, if you find me at any vendor event, if you see something that really catches your eye, but you are still unsure about  finalizing a purchase, just let me know. I can easily hold any product for a week so you can decide. I would rather have a happy customer than a disappointed one.

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