National Making Life Beautiful Day


National Making Life Beautiful Day is celebrated on June 11 each year, and we wish it was not just one day in a year. However, it is also up to us to decide to make life beautiful every day, so to encourage such a mindset, we bring you the beautiful facts about this very special day. First and foremost, the purpose of National Making Life Beautiful Day is to celebrate those who make life beautiful for others — be it our own or a larger group of people. The truly freeing part is that you often do not even realize when or how you are creating beauty in the life of another. You could be investing in relationships, or lobbying for causes you feel strongly about, or just encouraging someone when they feel blue — these are all beautiful actions that are bound to have a ripple effect. The word beauty itself is so vast that essentially everyone deserves to be celebrated on this day, just for adding beauty to the life of at least one other person in some subjective way.

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