National Gorgeous Grandma Day


I can't remember what age I became a grandma, but I received the news with extreme joy. Five of my grands live in Ireland and I'm hoping in November we can finally take the trip to visit them. 

May not be the best selfie, but I love my typical smirky smile. Hope all of you gorgeous grandma's have a great day. 

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is celebrated annually on July 23. As the name of the holiday suggests, our dearest, cuddliest grandmothers are celebrated. Grandmothers endlessly love and treasure their families, and typically have an infectious love for life. They have experienced a lot and have the best words of wisdom for us. With all the aches and pains of old age, most grandmothers have positive attitudes and amazing energy, which radiates into our lives. The day aims to celebrate women over the age of 50 and encourages them to defy society’s standards and live it up a bit.

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