Have you ever taken photos for a webpage?


Do you know how many steps it take to add just one pair of earrings to a webpage? I am learning every day, it can be tedious as I am not the most computer savvy person, but once done, I am loving the results.

So, for each pair of earrings I post I need to start with at least three shots, all from different angles. This hopefully, will give everyone a better view of how the earrings look. Soon I hope to have friends willing to model. So say each collection has 24 pair. Three shots times 24 equals, well, you all are probably much quicker at math than I am.

I decided to do a collection at a time and try to save steps and time. I started with the inlay wood earrings, collecting them from every container I had, laying them out and finally taking three photos of each pair. I bought a small light box which helped tremendously but only have my phone to take the photos with. 

Next step is to crop each photo, so there's not too much background. I did learn the hard way that a plain white or cream background works best. The next step is completely clearing the background so you only see the earrings in all their glory. This is done with a program on my phone and I can only do one photo at a time. 

Since I only have my phone and can't figure out how to get the damn cropped and cleared photos to my laptop, I have to email all of them to myself. Soon, I am hoping to figure it out to make this step easier. Once on my laptop, I then have to make sure that the size is correct, which means loading all the photos onto another program that reduces the pixels. I now know how to do it, just don't understand it. Once reduced, they are saved into a folder on my laptop and it is time to go in and rename each and every photo. See what I mean about tedious?

If I had two screens, this would be so much easier, but opening and closing and reducing screens to finish putting all the photos on the website is tedious. So once I have accomplished putting the three photos on the right page, I have to make sure the alt text is correct and all the other information is up to date. Doesn't do any good if I go through all this shit and never remember to actually make the page go live. 

Hopefully, this makes sense to you. It took me several months of trial and error. If you do see anything that an be improved, I will gladly like to hear about it. Just email me at trs.earrings@gmail.com.

Thanks all for reading a little bit of my craziness. Terri

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