A little bit about TRs Earrings


I wanted to tell you all a little about myself. Retired, at least from a 9-5 job, but working harder than I did when I was employed full time. I have two businesses right now; one is creating some amazing distinctive earrings and the other as a property owner of four rentals. I am also in a long-term relationship, and we have three pups.

I’ve been a creator for several years, making purses from old leather coats. Then I bought a Cricut and started playing with making leather earrings. Loved it so much, everything else pretty much left to the wayside. I somehow saw a YouTube video on wood earrings, and I was off and running with yet another style. My brother and I collaborated on different types of wood and now you see where my passion for inlay wood earrings comes from.

I try to create each pair with just enough of a difference that no two pair are identical. If we wanted to buy mass produced earrings, we can go to Walmart. In fact, I have on several occasions woke up in the middle of the night with a new idea for earrings. Some styles have worked beautifully, and others were a disaster, which is okay as it is always a learning process.

Being a one-woman business has been a challenge. I have learned so many new strategies for working smarter, not harder, but every day has been a learning process.

I’m not sure if these earrings are right for you, but maybe you know someone who would love to let their inner whimsy emerge. Please share this website with friends and family and sign up for the emails.

Thanks all

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